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Ours is a world that stretches from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, from the Orient to Africa’ from the South Pacific to the Middle East.

It's an exotic stage in which you'll discover the many different 'wonders' and experience the best vacations to some of the most unique and colorful places on earth.

Be pampered in a secluded tropical island retreat in the Maldives or Malaysia, French Polynesia, Fiji, or the Seychelles. Enjoy the ultimate in elegance at the finest beach resort hotels in Mauritius or Dubai.

Unwind Mexican-style beneath a Caribbean or Pacific sun. Stay in maharajahs' palaces in India's princely Rajasthan. Or experience a theatrical production in London, the special magic of a classic safari in the African bush - or an exclusive oasis in the Arabian desert.

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The so-called dark continent is filled with sunshine and a world of adventure.

From the ancient history, deserts and landscapes of the north to the vibrant south, the great continent of Africa waits to be explored. Be enchanted by the flamboyant peoples and festive customs, even as the unending savannahs and magnificent wildlife awe you with their untamed power.

Further Information on Africa.

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The Balearics have been a firm favourite summer destination from the early days of package holidays. Today this stays the same.

The Islands of Menorca, Majorca and Ibiza have developed over the years to differentiate themselves slightly.

Majorca, being the biggest attracts all, Ibiza is known for its clubbing scene and Menorca is more popular with young families and people not familiar with travelling, perhaps looking for a safe option to summer sun.

Further Information on the Balearics.

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The Canaries have been favourites of the British holidaymaker for a number of years and it is not surprising to see why.

The temperature rarely goes below the mid 60s, the sun shines at least 6 hours a day in the winter, 11 in the summer, the people are friendly and accommodating, English is widely spoken and every cuisine is available.

The accommodation ranges from basic self-catering apartments and villas to deluxe 5*+ hotels.

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Most people think of the Caribbean as a playground for the rich - luxury resorts, cocktails on the beach, glamorous yachts - and indeed it is, but if you take a dive under the surface you'll find there's a lot more going on besides.

Further Information on the Caribbean.

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Cyprus has become one of the most sophisticated destinations in the Mediterranean.

As well as offering gorgeous long sandy beaches, glorious weather and brilliant blue seas all necessities for a relaxing beach holiday, Cyprus offers a historical and cultural experience.

Explore the more traditional side of the islands through walks through the Roman remains of ancient theatres and castles, Greek temples and Byzantine churches.

Further Information on Cyprus.

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Far East

From the lights of the big cities of Tokyo, Beijing and Bangkok to the beaches of Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, Asia and the Far East is a vibrant, exciting mix of old and new, the sedate and fast paced.

Further Information on the Far East.



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For visitors, all of France can seem like a market -- it's one of those rare countries where every region offers something worthwhile and distinctive.

Paris represents the height of fashion, art and food -- its sense of style is so strong it intimidates some visitors, yet the city can also be remarkably comfortable and intimate.

The provinces offer their own landscapes and cultures: the glittering crowds of the Cote d'Azur, the elegant chateaus of the Loire Valley, the hospitable vineyards of Bordeaux, the rocky coasts of Brittany, the dramatic slopes of the Alps and the Pyrenees and the charming farms and villages of Provence.

The country can satisfy just about any traveler's taste.

Further Information on France.

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You would be hard pushed to find something missing in Florida, from the exhilarating exciting Theme parks in Orlando to the white sandy beaches and clear blue waters along the coastline, all topped by year-round clear blue skies.

There is something to keep all ages entertained and amused or relaxed and chilled out depending on what you are looking for. One thing is for sure you won't be bored!

Further Information on Florida


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With over 60 popular resorts across the mainland and islands, Greece offers something for every type of holidaymaker.

The sun worshippers can be catered for all over with the thousands of glorious golden sandy beaches and turquoise watered coves.

The ancient ruins and traditional character scattered all over, combined with the natural beauty makes for some breathtaking scenery. The locals are relaxed and friendly.

Further Information on Greece


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India is a country of diversity and a land for all seasons.

The world's highest mountain chain, the Himalayas, borders the country to the north and offers a range of exciting adventures such as trekking, skiing, and white water rafting or spectacular retreats for those looking to experience the more quiet side of life.

Further Information on India.


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Mexico is popular with travelers from all over the world.

They go there for reasons almost too numerous to mention: sunshine, blue seas teeming with fish and coral, crystal-white beaches, lofty mountains and volcanoes, jungles full of exotic wildlife, collectible folk art, and the breathtaking remains of ancient cultures.

And some go for a less lofty reason: Mexico can be cheap, though you may have to get out of the popular resort areas to enjoy big savings.

Further Information on Mexico.

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Portugal is often seen as a more sophisticated alternative to the Spanish Costas.

The great combination of culture and beaches offers a cosmopolitan feel to a beach holiday. One of the biggest growth areas for Portugal has been through the golf industry, the diversity and choice of golf courses has undoubtedly made Portugal a firm favourite for golf breaks.

This in turn has attracted more families and couples to explore other regions.

Further Information on Portugal.


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One of the original package holiday destinations, the Spanish Costas have attracted the British holidaymakers for decades.

Having had bad press in the 1980s and 90s, the Spanish government invested heavily to improve the reputation of the resorts and secure invaluable tourist trade.

The resorts now offer a great combination of tradition and culture with tapas bars and local dishes, as well as entertainment for all ages, from amusement and water parks for the young at heart, glorious beaches for the sun worshippers and water sports for the more active.

Further Information on Spain.


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Turkey is full of history and culture, ancient sites can be seen all over and it is believed to be home to the world's first town dating back to 6500 BC.

It is bordered by the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea and of course the Mediterranean with over more than 6000 km of coastline.

The Mediterranean coast enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year making it an excellent destination for a sun holiday.

Further Information on Turkey.


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The United States of America is a vast country with a diverse culture and abundant beauty.

Renowned for its vibrant cities, proud history and bustling commerce, the United States attracts visitors the world over who flock to the many exciting vacation spots and lively metropolitan areas across the country.

The people of the United States, hailing from origins as wide and diverse as the world has to offer, are drawn together by a shared desire to forge their own paths toward independence and fulfillment.

Their many struggles and pursuit of the ideals forged by the country’s founders have made the United States a unique and powerful country with ample wonders to discover.

Further Information on the USA.

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